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The Common Good

Families are the first place where the values of love and fraternity, togetherness and sharing, concern and care for others are lived out and handed on.”

 Pope Francis - Fratelli Tutti

It is the mission of all Catholic schools that we contribute to the ‘common good’ of our community and society as a whole and raise the plight of those in the world less fortunate than ourselves, in response to the Church’s teaching on social justice.  Simple acts of kindness help to raise awareness of the difficulties people have to suffer. 

Inspired by Fratelli Tutti a letter from Pope Francis about love and friendship. He encourages us to see that we are all brothers and sisters. In the letter Pope Francis says that for many years we were all working together to build a happy and peaceful world. But things are starting to go backwards. We are not as close to others as we used to be. It seems like we are putting walls between ourselves.  Now it is time to dream a new dream. A dream where we see everyone as part of our worldwide global family. Where we treat everyone like a sister or brother. Pope Francis uses the story of The Good Samaritan to teach us that Fraternal love reaches out and helps others in need, no matter where they are from.

 With this in mind we encourage our children, families and community to act like the Good Samaritan and become good neighbours to everyone. We ask God to help us learn about other people. To speak, listen and try to understand one another. We cannot build this new dream alone; we need to dream together. We need to work to help everyoneAnd speak up for people who need our help We need to think of ourselves as a single family living in a common home. 


Let us dream, then, as a single human family, as fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all

 Pope Francis - Fratelli Tutti


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