Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Educational Visits

Staff are encouraged to take children out of the school on various educational expeditions which are linked in with the children's work and which serve to enhance and illustrate the class topic.

These range from small groups of children visiting local shops, to whole classes visiting, for example, the Natural History Museum and the Zoo. All these expeditions are carefully organised and children are very well supervised. However, we do rely on parents to come forward to accompany the children on these visits so that a high adult/pupil ratio can be maintained.

Parents will be asked to sign a consent form for school trips when their child first joins the School.  A separate consent form will need to be completed for any school trip which includes an overnight stay.

For local visits, e.g. to the Junior School, the Church, the shops or the park parents will be asked to sign a General Permission Slip when the child first joins the school. These groups will always be adequately supervised by responsible adults.

Due to the increasing cost of coaches and the high number of adults required to supervise young children, accompanying parents will be asked to contribute towards their costs.