Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Staff of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

The Teaching Staff

Mrs P Bourne (Overview / Assessment / Curriculum / RE / PHSE)

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs P Geraghty (Designated Safeguarding Lead / Inclusion / SEN Coordinator / Child Protection)

Class Teachers

Mrs G Coles
(ICT / Phonics)
Ms K Galligan (ECT)
Mrs B Marchant (Design Technology / Science)
Ms P Mould (EYFS / Creative Arts)
Ms Y Navalle (Humanities)
Mrs C O'Shea (Literacy / Maths)
Miss E Ragheb 

Ms E Shiner
Mrs L White (on maternity leave)

Support Staff

School Chaplain
Father Michael O'Doherty

School Business Manager
Mrs I Cunniffe

Mrs M Lynch
Mrs M Ardill

ICT Support

Godfrey Oti

Welfare Assistant
Mrs J Duffy

Nursery Nurse
Mrs B Kosowska

Teaching Assistants
Mrs M Beaumont
Mrs M Butler
Mrs M Conroy
Mrs J Jackson
Ms F Poradge
Ms A Przegalinska
Miss A Stryjecka

Musical Accompanist
Mr S Sharland

Sports Apprentice
Miss Raiven McLeod

After School Club
Miss A Stryjecka (Manager)
Mrs B Kosowska
Miss K Egan
Miss H Quince
Miss E Hart

Mr D Tully

Ms L Tomlinson