Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Aims of our School

Underpinning the life of the school is our aim to preserve and develop:-

  • A caring Christian Community, in partnership with the children's homes and the parish of St Mary and St Andrew.
  • The Spiritual formation of our children through Liturgy and Worship and appropriate Religious Education.
  • A respect and care for each other, mutual toleration and sympathy, awareness of the human dignity of each person, as made in the image of Christ, irrespective of race, religion, social background or disability.
  • A positive self image for each pupil, a sense of individual worth and an appreciation of the value of his/her contribution to the school.
  • Standards of behaviour, which are based on love and respect, in all circumstances

We believe that for our children the kernel of all this is contained in the following phrase:-

"We are learning to grow and love like Jesus”.