Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

The All Saints' Trust

Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Our Lady of Grace we have a Wellbeing Service to support Children, Parents and Staff. This service gives emotional and practical support to our school community to help with issues related to both family and school life.

Our Wellbeing Service aims to help all children feel emotionally safe and happy.  We want to ensure they can develop healthy relationships and feel comfortable enough to learn during the school day without carrying stress and difficult emotions.  This support may be within the school service or when needed referrals will be given to outside-school services.

The in-school support may be in the form of 1:1 therapeutic support with school therapy staff on a regular weekly basis or sessions on a short-term basis. There are also small nurture groups of children who meet for several weeks at a time to build confidence, self-esteem, resilience or to address other difficulties.

We have "Watch and Wonder" programmes in the school where children are given the opportunity to learn healthy emotions and resilience. We have found that these groups have had far reaching positive results on children’s communication and relationships in general as well as their learning results.

Parents are welcome to use the wellbeing service for support for themselves or their children regarding emotional or behavioural issues. Parenting children can be complex, difficult and stressful and we can offer support and advice from our school therapists based on the Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting skills and strategies (http://www.calmerparenting.co.uk)

Please contact Mrs Geraghty if you would like to speak to someone in the Wellbeing Service

Tutora recently collaborated with Action for Children and The Children's Society to produce a guide to help parents understand and offer thorough support if their children experience anxiety.  Please click here to view the Expert Parent's Guide to Childhood Anxiety.

CW+ the official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has recently launched BEST FOR YOU, a new patient-centred model of care to help the increasing numbers of young people and families requiring urgent mental health support.