Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

The All Saints' Trust

Assessment of Progress

Assessment is an on-going process and teachers keep detailed records of individuals' progress, these include reading records and annotated samples of work. Regular assessments are made which inform the Teacher/Parent discussions and the final Report to Parents.

The 'Home School Reading Diary' is not only a vital communication between teachers and parents but also serves as part of a record of the child's reading development. These remain with the children throughout their time in school.

Children are assessed against age related expectations at the end of Year 1 and Year 2.  Parents are given a detailed report of these Assessments at the end of the summer term.

Throughout the Foundation Stage, each child is assessed in the six areas of learning against the Early Learning Goals. These assessments are recorded in pupil's individual Foundation Stage Profiles, which will be shared with parents regularly throughout the Reception year

Parents are welcome to make arrangements with individual teachers, or the Headteacher, at a mutually convenient time. Should a problem arise, parents should contact the teacher or Headteacher immediately.

Parent/Teacher consultations are held in the Autumn and Spring terms when parents have the opportunity of discussing their child's progress with his/her teacher. Staff are always willing to make a separate appointment with any parent who needs additional time.  Bookings are made via Scopay, so please ensure that you register for Scopay when your child starts school.

Written reports are sent home at the end of the Summer term and an appointment to discuss this with the teacher may be made if parents so wish.