Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School


Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School  is a Catholic School in the trusteeship of the Diocese of Westminster.  We are an Academy as part of the All Saints' Trust alongside Our Lady of Grace Junior School, St Gregory's High School, St Bernadette's Primary School and St Margaret Clitherow Primary School. The Governors consider that the greatest pastoral benefit from going to a Catholic school is obtained by children who come from homes where the Catholic Faith is practised. Children who attend Mass regularly with their parents and who participate in the activities of the parish will derive the fullest benefit from the complementary influences of home, school and parish.

Preference will be given to baptised practising Catholic children whose application is accompanied by a Baptismal Certificate, proof of date of birth, and a Certificate of Catholic Practice from the Parish Priest at the Church where the family usually worships. Verification of address may also be required.

The Governing Body is the Admission Authority and as such is fully responsible for all admissions to the school. The school forms can be downloaded from the links below.

Further information, regarding applying for a primary school place in Brent, can be found at the following web link:  https://www.brent.gov.uk/services-for-residents/education-and-schools/apply-for-a-school-place/primary-school/


Academic Year 2020-21

Admissions Privacy Notice

Letter setting out admissions process for Reception
Reception School Admissions Policy 
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Letter setting out admissions process for Nursery
Nursery School Admissions Policy
Nursery Application Form

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Academic Year 2019-20 In Year Admissions

Letter setting out In Year admissions process
School Admissions Policy
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Primary In Year Application

Nursery Admissions PolicyNursery Application Form

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